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Hello, and welcome to my very first Marathon Page. I encourage you to donate on behalf of the man whose photo graces this link and who made me do this: Bill Coulter. Without his influence and guidance and threats of ridicule, I would never have finished any marathons, yet here I am entering my fifth. I could not be more proud to assist in the fundraising on behalf of the Cops For Kids with Cancer Program. You all know the stories, you know what these people do. The question for you to ask yourself is this, “Why should I donate to Coppenrath?”

The simple answer is that I may very well be the worst runner in this bunch. You can see among the photographs my grandson doing his impersonation of me crossing the finish line. Chances are I will be near the highest time. It seems only fitting that the highest time should get the highest number of donations.

Go with that and please fill the coffers. You are assured of a few things;

If I am stupid enough to start, I will be stubborn enough to finish.

You will absolutely be contributing to a cause that will make families laugh and cry.

Billy will be smiling down upon us all on April 20, 2020

100% funded
Hey! I've raised $1,950.00 of the $1,000.00 I'm trying to raise for this campaign!

2020 Marathon Leonard Coppenrath

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Oghenochuko Atavwigho

$50.00 March 11, 2020

Brian Dow

$51.80 March 6, 2020

Good Luck!



$26.06 February 29, 2020

Maureen Joyce

$51.80 February 28, 2020

Kimberly Karass

$51.80 February 26, 2020

Joseph aka Sy Goldman Bohnenberger

$51.80 February 24, 2020

Valerie Palazzo

$26.06 February 21, 2020

Peter Bahr

$103.30 February 19, 2020

Cali Gately

$103.30 February 19, 2020

Doug Lynch

$103.30 February 17, 2020