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In addition to the crushing emotional toll taken, there is a financial domino effect in having a child diagnosed with cancer. Most often, one parent must leave a job. Some treatments are not fully covered by insurance. It's expensive to come to the city every day to be with your child during their battle with cancer. Gas costs, parking fees and meals can add up quickly, and all this on a income already cut in half. Families, once solvent, now find themselves on the financial brink. The funds that Cops For Kids With Cancer raises go to people directly involved in the care of children with cancer, with each family typically receiving $5,000. Cops For Kids With Cancer has saved a family from eviction, helped pay down overwhelming bills and paid to repair the only vehicle used to travel back and forth to the hospital.

Please consider making a donation to Cops For Kids With Cancer to support the work this amazing charity does. Donations of any and all amounts are welcome and VERY APPRECIATED.

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