Our Kid... Daniel

Name: Daniel Kelleher
Age: 2 years-old
Gender: Male
Presentation date: March 29, 2017
Sponsoring Department: Westwood PD

On Wednesday March 29, 2017 Cops for Kids with Cancer board members Maura Flynn and Mike Weir went to the Westwood Police department and made a $5000 donation to the family of Daniel Kelleher, a 2 year old boy who has leukemia. Also present were Westwood police Chief Jeffrey Silva and Sgt. Paul Sicard.[gss options=”timeout=4000&speed=1000&pause-on-hover=true” ids=”12421,12424,12418,12425,12423,12426,12427,12422,12420,12419″]
Many thanks to John R. Kelly, the Camera Cop, for donating his time and images of the presentation.