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Hello, my name is Robert Hall.  I am a Sergeant at the City of Everett.  On Monday, October 11, 2021, I will be running in the 125th Boston Marathon. This year my daughter, Rachael, will be running with me again.  This will be my 19th marathon, my 11th Boston Marathon, and Rachael’s 2nd marathon.  Since 2013, members of the Everett Police Department have run in the Boston Marathon and raised over $100,000 for Cops for Kids with Cancer, a 501c3 non-profit charity.  As many of us are personally affected by cancer, it is especially heart-wrenching to hear of a child with this disease. We are running in loving memory of Ellie Bauer. Ellie was truly courageous and she remains an inspiration. Every step, every mile, every training run will be done with Ellie in our hearts and the Bauer family in our prayers.


Cops for Kids with Cancer raises money, ultimately awarding it to the families of children who are diagnosed with cancer.  These families are each awarded $5000.00 to help relieve some of the financial burdens that often occur during treatment.  Over the years, Cops for Kids with Cancer has given over $4.1 MILLION to families in need! These efforts were largely made possible by Detective Lieutenant William “Ironman” Coulter. We run to honor him and his immeasurable impact on countless lives and this organization.

As a sergeant, I understand the importance and duty to give back to the communities we serve in law enforcement. As the daughter of a police sergeant, Rachael wants to contribute in any way she can to help the community. Cops for Kids with Cancer is one of those organizations that allows us to give back directly to families in need.  Rachael and I have set our 2021 fundraising goal at $10,000 and we need your help.  As little as $1 per mile can make a difference!

Your continued support and encouragement will not only motivate us through the next few weeks of training but will carry us on the 26.2-mile journey during Marathon Monday!


Sergeant Robert A. Hall & Rachael Hall

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Sergeant Robert A. Hall & Rachael Hall 2021

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You and your daughter have all our support.


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