MIDDLETON, Mass. — It’s been a tough few years for one Middleton family.

Their little girl was diagnosed with cancer when she was just 3 years old. She fought and fought, but they recently learned it’s back. So the town and the police came together to help them out.

Lola Rose Anderson is almost 4 years old, but she and her family have already endured so much.

“We got a screen saying everything was clear, so we spent the summer enjoying life, thinking everything was great,” Lola’s mother, Michaela Anderson, explained.

Then the cancer came back.

Two bouts with a rare form of cancer mean life is precious and difficult. That was different Friday.

In Middleton, the police chief, the community and officers from around the state rallied around Lola.

A police motorcycle escort took her from her home to police headquarters, where it seemed like the entire town turned out to support her.

The all-volunteer organization Cops for Kids With Cancer made it all possible.

“These are just good people that want to help other people. That’s what they are,” Edward McNelly, with Cops for Kids with Cancer, said.

They even presented Lola’s parents with $5,000 to pay for mounting expenses.

“Middleton is a close-knit community,” Police Chief James DiGianvittorio said. “People really help each other here in Middleton.”

Local business people are donating thousands more in checks and gift cars — all for a family in need.

“So far so good,” Anderson said. “We are just very fortunate for this wonderful community.”

Cancer shows no mercy, but in Middleton, a police department is fighting back with love.

Story: Bob Ward, Fox25 Boston
Photo/Video: Cox Media Group
Link: click here
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