To all my family and friends. On June 3, 2016, I turned 81 years old and decided it was time to retire as chairman of Cops For Kids With Cancer. It was a very difficult decision to make and it took weeks to make it. I am very proud of Cops For Kids With Cancer and every one that makes up its Board of Directors for the outstanding job they have done.

Every one is a volunteer, no one in the organization gets paid. We are true noon-profit organization. Since 2008 to the present, Cops For Kids With Cancer has given 465 families that have a child with cancer $2,325,000.00. We have also given $175,000.00 to Massachusetts General Hospital and Tufts Medical Center for the children’s cancer unit. A friend of mine said that this was the best charity he has ever hear of. If you want to see where the money goes, go to

I want all my family and friends, to continue to support Cops For Kids With Cancer as you have done over the years. With out you we never could have come as far as we did. It is time for a younger Chairman to come in and lead this great organization. I will still be around to help out when needed.

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