Video courtesy of WCVB

A special visit to the Holbrook Police Department is just what the doctor ordered for 2 ½-year-old PJ Fisher. He and his sister, Jovi Fisher, are both being treated for a rare genetic cancer.

‘It’s retinoblastoma, cancer of the eyes. It’s a gene deformity that causes tumors to grow in the eyes and it’s hereditary,’ their father, Paul Fisher, said. ‘He’s lost most of his sight in his left eye, but his right eye is pretty well. Kate Fisher said Jovi lost vision in her right eye.

PJ received a teddy bear, T-shirts and met a K-9 – cautiously, and enjoyed the police motorcycle. The real purpose of the visit was for the charity Cops for Kids with Cancer to present the Fisher family with financial support.

‘Usually we give a donation of $5,000, but the board voted to give this family $10,000,’ Robert Faherty, of Cops with Kids with Cancer, said.

The Fishers said they were speechless. ‘I haven’t been able to work, so the bills pile up,’ Kate Fisher said. ‘You just hope there are good people in the world like this organization that come forward and help families like ours.’ Kate Fisher said her children are always happy and she takes comfort in knowing the chances of growing new tumors go down as they grow older.

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