Our towns “little” fundraiser the other night raised over 100k, and the counting is far from done! Thursday night Marshfield raised more money for CFKWC than ever before! This isn’t some professionally run “Gala” at the Waldorf in NYC with media, sports or movie celebrities pumping up numbers……this is ALL done with local volunteers, businesses, families and departments!
Businesses like Susan Peavey Travel… who deserves their own banner for donating the Grand Prize every year of event!
Departments like the Plymouth County Sheriffs, DA’s Office and Correctional Officers who showed up Thursday night with checks totaling over 10k….and all of our other sponsors who contribute so generously.
Most importantly OUR community who pack the house and spend freely knowing that every cent will end up in the hands of a family that is going through an ordeal that God willing most of us will never have to 🙏.
From all of us at MPD, MSP, and CFKWC (if you’re not familiar with acronyms we apologize but we know FB has an attention span of about 8 seconds and we tend to go over so look em up 😁)….THANK YOU!
To Our Incredible Volunteers……Some new faces this year and many veterans…..without you this never gets off the ground…….THANK YOU ALL…..for a T Shirt and a slice of pizza you guys make this happen 🙏💙!
Lastly Haddad’s…. Chucky, Kathy G., Brian R. and all the employees…THANK YOU GUYS for coming through for us every year 💙!
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